Will the R.E.A.L. Men Stand Up?

Its been a while since my last post, but I felt this was topic that was heavy on my heart. This post is meant as encouragement to men. 


Can you think back to the very first moment you found out you were going to be a father?  What do you remember? Were you petrified, overwhelmed, or excited? No matter what emotions you had at first, you realized that you weren't dreaming, and that there was no turning back. 

As a father of three. I can say with conviction that there is no greater feeling than knowing that God gave me the ability to create life. Its always been my desire to have children every since the age of 7. I know, young age right? I also dreamt of all three of my children even before my wife and I got married. 

Is being a father easy? No! Every single day I wonder if I am doing right by my children, if I am spending enough time, or reading to them enough. I know no parent is perfect, but its critical that I try to do the best I can. 


I once was a mentor working with At-Risk children. It was sad to see how many children did not have an active father in their life.  Many men do not realize that a child is the most priceless gift that can be received.  Negligence goes deeper than the child.  When a man neglects his child, he is also neglecting himself. 

I am not boastful, but I am blessed to have a father who was there for me when I had questions, and who taught me how to be responsible. I love all of my mothers and they do an excellent job, but there is a balance in a child's life when both parents are active. 


1. Men, we should know how to take care of our child even when mom is not present. 

2. Don't wait until your wife or baby mama asks you to change the diaper, check the baby diaper please! 

3. It is okay ask other fathers, or mothers for advice 

4. Despite struggles/problems try to keep a positive attitude around your children. Do not take your frustration out on them 

5. Two important words: Patience and Tolerance. 

6. Its okay to tell your child that you do not have the answer. 

7. Every now and then offer to keep the children and give mom a break 


Responsible: You are accountable for your children. How they mature is dependent on your involvement in their life. 

Evolving: Things are not the same as when you were a child. It is important for you to stay up on new trends, technology and other cultural aspects so that you can be relevant with your children. Of course they will learn traditions, but it makes you more versatile when you understand where they are coming from. 

Attentive: Nothing worse then your children never being able to spend time with you, or being around you and you are constantly busy or ignoring them. When you are with them listen, and then participate. 

Loyal: Your child may grow up, and seem as if they have it all together, but know that they will always need you. From the moment your child is born, you should be 100% committed to their growth, development, and maturity in this world. 

I hope this offers value, and that you take this to heart. Father's time for us to step up to the plate. Our women have been doing it alone way too long. And so many violent acts occurring in our world, we need strong men that are not afraid to make a stand and be a role model for our future generations.